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Bird Seed

We have an expanded variety of standard bird seed and custom bird seed mixes. Our Newtown Special is our most popular and is blended to appeal to the birds in our area. We have certain seeds to attract your favorite birds or deter your least favorite birds.

Here are some of the types of seed we carry:


Newtown Special:

This is our Deluxe blend and most popular. We formulated it to attract the birds that you want to see and is a song bird favorite. Available by the pound, 25 and 50 pound bags.

Newtown Value Mix:

This mix is perfect for those of us that love the birds but don’t want to break the bank.  Available by the pound, 25 pound and 50 pound bags.

Zoie and Chase’s Bird Showcase: 

This is our Premium blend made with fruit that your birds are guaranteed to love it.  Available by the pound, 20 and 40 pound bags.

Woodpecker Mix:

This array of mixed nuts, corn, fruit and sunflower will draw in all types of woodpeckers. Available by the pound, 20 and 50 pound bags.

No Mess Mix:

This shell free mix is ideal for decks, patios or high traffic area where shells are not welcome. Available by the pound, 25 and 50 pound bags.

Finch Blend:

This mixture of seeds will drive your finches crazy. Small enough to fit into your thistle feeder, this mix will give them a variety of seeds to pleasure their palate. Available by the pound, 25 and 50 pound bags.

Our Stock Seeds:

Sunflower, Sunflower Chips, Safflower, Shelled Peanuts, Split Peanuts, Thistle (Nyjer), Cracked Corn, Shelled Corn, White Millet, Critter Snack, Suet, Suet Balls, Suet Nuggets, Suet Plugs, Meal Worms, Seed Cakes.