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Other Feeds

Here at Newtown Feed and Supply we carry an array of other animal feeds. We either stock or can order just about any type of feed your animals might need. Here are some of those feeds:

Chicken Feeds:

We carry several feed brands to cover your need for starting chicks to layers. Quality grain products with medicated base to aid in disease control at start up, to protein for layer adults.

Ducks and Geese:

Our soft crumble is ideal for any ducks, geese, turkey, pheasant, and quail after 8 weeks of age.


We have a complete feed balance for bunnies to adults.


A fresh supply of re-cleaned corn is always available for deer feeding as well as deer blocks, deer mix (corn, molasses, sunflower and soybeans.) and salt licks.
NOTE: As a deterrent we carry Deer Scram the most effective product on the market.


We have just the right food for you furry friends! We carry peanuts in/out of the shell as well as ear corn and feeders that will keep you entertained for hours.


We provided quality fish foods avaible in 50 pound bags as well as sold by the pound.


We stock a 10% sweet feed for horses. Will special order other horse feeds if available to us.