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Marshall Kinetic Grande Windswept Spinner, Caribbean, 95"H

Visually combine the elements of wind, water, and soil in your landscaping using this Marshall Caribbean Kinetic Grande Windswept Spinner. Dual, 27.5" diameter toppers sport curved blades, each with an ombre electric blue to soft teal finish for a dynamic and aquatic effect. The gentle arch and cupped shape of these metal blades wonderfully capture the wind, while sealed ball bearings within each hub allow for smooth and beautiful movement. The center opening of each assembly attaches to the included T post, which affixes to a tubular steel pole for added height. A pointed end on this sectional pole, along with three, 11" long, step-in bases, keep the significant spinner stable in your yard, and the black tone of the shaft contrasts the vivid green and blue blades perfectly. The clear coating on these top accents reflects light for fantastic shine and drama, and the large size of this unit is sure to create a striking focal point. The metal toppers and steel pole remain durable for seasons of service, and the bearings offer smooth and lasting movement. Add a luxurious island retreat motif to your landscaping by placing this Caribbean Kinetic Grande Windswept Spinner in it. Assembly required.

Note: Due to the reflective coating on the blades, their hue and tint may vary based on light exposure.

Dimensions: 27.5" dia. toppers, 10"D x 95"H
Mounting: stake into soil
Construction: steel, metal