Panacea Products

Panacea Square Grid Fence Latch Post, Black, 48"H

Turn one piece of your existing 42" tall Panacea Square Grid Fencing into a gate using this Panacea Black Square Grid Fence Latch Post. Three inverted "L" shapes along this slender, metal rod create the latching mechanism, while eyelets on the opposite side of these accommodate an existing, 48" tall fence panel. An orb tops the stake, completing the effect, and the all metal construction remains durable for many seasons. Easily transform one of your existing Panacea Square Grid Fence sections (not included) into a functioning gate with this Black Square Grid Fence Latch Post.

Dimensions: 2.5"W x 0.5"D x 48"H
Mounting: slide into existing fence section (not included)
Construction: metal