Achla Designs

Achla Hanging Squirrel Baffle, Black, 18.25" dia.

Prevent squirrels from reaching your hanging bird feeder by adding this Achla Hanging Squirrel Baffle to it. Placing a baffle above your hanging feeder can effectively block squirrels from reaching the unit, allowing your feathered friends to enjoy the seed, rather than squirrels. The generous, 18.25" diameter of this wrought iron piece creates a fantastic barrier, and its top ring makes it simple to hang the unit from a bracket. An additional hook holds a seed feeder easily, and the black, powder coated finish remains durable for many seasons. The hanging design not only protects seed from squirrels; it can also prevent rain and snow from reaching your seed. Keep marauding squirrels off of your hanging bird feeder with this Hanging Squirrel Baffle.

Dimensions: 18.25" dia. x 8"H
Mounting: hang
Construction: wrought iron