Achla Designs

Achla Jardin Rectangular Rug, Vermillion

Bring abiding color and shape to your hearth or hallway with this Achla Vermillion Jardin Rectangular Rug. Placing this vivid piece in front of your firebox adds wonderful color to the area, the red and orange hues on it evoking flames at all times. A center, floral medallion anchors the unit, with additional tulip and carnation shapes in each corner directing the eye. A beige border on the mat surrounds this central accent, and even more flowers here continue the motif. Its rectangular shape makes the rug perfect for use in front of a door, at the foot of your bed, or near your hearth, and the wonderfully soft pile is comfortable when sitting or kneeling while tending to the fire. The wool construction is naturally fire retardant for added safety, and the dyes offer richly saturated tones for a unified effect. Closely tie your accent hues to the other elements in your room together with this Vermillion Jardin Rectangular Rug.

Dimensions: 43.5"L x 22.375"W x 0.5"H
Mounting: place on level surface indoors
Construction: wool