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Achla Post Mounted Squirrel Baffle, Black, 18" dia.

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Confound tenacious squirrels before they raid your bird feeders with the Achla Post Mounted Squirrel Baffle. Position this baffle around or over a standard 4 x 4 post, creating a protective barrier against squirrels. The baffle's large 18" diameter prevents squirrels from climbing up the post and raiding your bird seed. Doubling as a predator guard, this steel baffle is also effective against animals that may enter your birdhouses. Simply attach the metal support brackets to a 4 x 4 post approximately 4' to 5' above the ground and then slide the baffle over or wrap it around the post to rest on the included supports. For long-lasting durability and beauty, this baffle is crafted from metal with a black powder coated finish.

Dimensions: 18" dia. x 6"H
Mounting: mount under feeder on 4 x 4 post
Construction: metal