American GardenWorks

American GardenWorks Button Trellis, Black, 64.5"H

Bring quiet elegance, substance, and lasting support to your growing plants with this American GardenWorks Black Button Trellis. Using a trellis in your landscaping not only allows you to showcase a bit of your design sensibility; it also provides support for climbing plants, encouraging them to grow upward. An exterior, solid steel arch lends height to this item, while a few horizontal rods within it add bold design and heft. A smaller arch sits beneath this larger unit, and diagonal rods here intersect to form a beautiful, diamond shaped grid. This not only adds an elegant look to the support; it also offers plant tendrils several different gripping spots. A spiraled, steel disc adorns each rod intersection, enhancing the button motif, and the black, powder coated finish throughout this trellis provides both timeless style and weather resistance. Two sturdy, 13" long legs insert easily into garden soil, and the 24.5" width spans a large crop or shrub for versatility. Seamlessly link your personal style to your landscaping by placing this Black Button Trellis in it. Made in the USA.

Rail Dimensions: round rails, 0.25" dia.
Dimensions: 24.5"W x 64.5"H
Mounting: stake into soil
Construction: steel