American GardenWorks

American GardenWorks Contemporary Trellis, Slate, 64"H

Achieve modern style and lasting plant support simultaneously by adding this American GardenWorks Slate Contemporary Trellis to your yard. Staggered, narrow rectangles connect together to form this generous frame, and the two center accents sit higher than the sides for a striking effect. A few round, solid steel rods throughout the piece visually divide each panel into varied rectangles, while adding contrast and support. A light gray, powder coated finish on the item lends muted style to your setting, and the steel construction offers plenty of durability. Insert the two, 12" long legs on this substantial structure into your garden soil for a stand alone display, or place it near a young, climbing plant to provide places for tendrils to grip as they grow upward. The light hue aids in preventing plant scald, and the dual height frame provides versatility and a bit of whimsy. Combine your plant care with striking geometric elements using this Slate Contemporary Trellis. Made in the USA.

Rail Dimensions: square rails, 0.375"L x 0.375"W
Dimensions: 25"W x 64"H
Mounting: stake into soil
Construction: steel