Ancient Graffiti Inc

Ancient Graffiti Bird Plant Pick, Spice

Add a bit of bright color and fun design to your potted plant using this Ancient Graffiti Spice Bird Plant Pick. This charming, ceramic figurine is fantastic for adding to a potted plant, offering bold color and a celebration of wildlife, while discouraging some birds from nesting. The 11.75" long, metal shaft inserts easily into garden soil, and two clay leaf shapes at the top enhance your plant. The orange toned, ceramic bird figure adorns the top of the stake, and its upwardly curled, metal tail completes the unit. Its natural materials showcase your love of the environment, and lend style to virtually any sized potted plant. It also acts as a barrier, often preventing wild birds from roosting in your plant. Create a focal point in your favorite herb or flower by adding this Spice Bird Plant Pick to it.

Dimensions: 4.5"L x 2"W x 13.75"H
Mounting: stake into soil
Construction: ceramic, metal, clay