Ancient Graffiti Inc

Ancient Graffiti Ceramic Toad House with Bath, Soft Orange

Invite toads to visit your yard with the Ancient Graffiti Soft Orange Ceramic Toad House with Bath. This charming, domed unit provides toads a wonderful shelter, and also adds a whimsical hint to your garden. Allowing these amphibians a habitation in your garden provides natural pest control, as they nightly dine on flies, grasshoppers, and slugs. Toads prefer to rest in shade, protected from the sun during the day, and this orange, ceramic unit perfectly meets their needs. A 2.75" wide and 1.5" tall opening at the base allows toads to enter the unit, and its 5" interior diameter offers plenty of space for them to rest. The ceramic body, orange hue, and textured finish enhance your garden, while a metal and river rock toad figurine at the top lends a whimsical hint. Place the matching, 4.125" diameter bath next to this shelter, for toads to soak in water and stay comfortable. The level base on both the bath and home enable them to sit evenly within your landscaping, and the orange hue brings surprising drama to them. Keep toads happy and safe in your garden with this Soft Orange Ceramic Toad House with Bath.

Toad House Dimensions: 5.5" dia. x 7"H
Bath Dimensions: 4.125" dia. x 0.5"H
Mounting: place on ground
Construction: ceramic