Ancient Graffiti Inc

Ancient Graffiti Circle Rain Chain, Flamed Copper Colored

Visually celebrate the cycle of the seasons with this Ancient Graffiti Circle Rain Chain. This lengthy, iron piece brings both geometric style and fantastic function to a corner of your home in moments, thanks to its solid and open circles. Rain chains handily replace downspouts, gently directing water from your gutter to the ground, and lend a bit of design to an abode. The striking, flamed copper colored finish throughout this piece enhances your landscaping, and its 96" length reaches easily to the ground. An included, metal gutter clip aids in installing the item properly, and rings may be removed for a custom size. Square iron bars form each exterior ring, connected to the ones above and below with chain links, and the flat, center disc lends color and dimension. Water gently travels down these rings into a basin or barrel for use later, helping conserve this resource. The circular design throughout the item highlights natural cycles, while the iron construction remains durable for many seasons. Add defined shape to one corner of your home's exterior using this Circle Rain Chain.

Dimensions: 3.875" dia. x 96"H
Mounting: hang from gutter
Construction: iron