Ancient Graffiti Inc

Ancient Graffiti Kinetic Double Disc Spinner, Copper, 78"H

Bring geometric style into your garden using the Ancient Graffiti Kinetic Double Disc Spinner. This generous, iron unit not only adds movement to your landscaping; its wealth of discs on curved arms evokes space art from decades past. Copper colored, 24" diameter toppers attach to a T post, each with six curved arms culminating in a 3.625" diameter disc. A smaller, 14" diameter topper sits in front of each of these larger ones, the slight outward curve of each adding even more style and geometry to the piece. Bearings in the center of the large hubs allow the toppers to move in a breeze, and their flamed copper colored finish adds a varied and stylish look to the unit. A 66" tall, twisted stake supports these bold toppers, and its 15" wide, trident base keeps it stable in your landscaping. The all iron construction ensures this spinner remains durable and beautiful for many seasons, while the copper tones enhance your foliage. Keep the adornments in your backyard ahead of their time with this Kinetic Double Disc Spinner. Assembly required.

Dimensions: 24" dia. toppers, 11.25"D x 78"H
Mounting: stake in soil
Construction: iron