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Ancient Graffiti Leaf Cup Rain Chain, Browned Copper Finish

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Turn rain into a striking home accent using the Ancient Graffiti Leaf Cup Rain Chain. Rain chains provide a stylish alternative to downspouts, helping direct rain from your gutters to the ground, and this unit will certainly lend a natural hint to the yard. Each cup on this 94" long chain sports a dramatic, angled lip, with bee and leaf shapes embossed into it for unique style. A generous steel link attaches each cup together, and the open base of each bowl helps water cascade gently to the ground. Place a barrel or basin beneath the chain to retain the water for use in your garden, or to keep heavy rains from washing away soil. The dark copper color of the unit meshes with the outdoors, and the included clip makes it simple to install in your gutter. Its 94" length is great for most homes, and chain links or cups may be removed for extra versatility. Add surprising, natural style to a corner of your home with this Leaf Cup Rain Chain.

Dimensions: 5" dia. x 94"H
Mounting: hang from gutter
Construction: steel