Ancient Graffiti Inc

Ancient Graffiti Sun and Moon Rain Chain, Copper & Silver

Bring a heavenly look to the corner of your home with this Ancient Graffiti Sun and Moon Rain Chain. The familiar motif and color scheme on this detailed piece are sure to capture attention, while providing a necessary function. Rain chains can easily take the place of a traditional downspout, directing rainwater from your gutter to the ground or a receptacle. Each of the 4.375" diameter, steel circles holds a sun face with a wealth of rays, as well as a crescent moon along one side. The flamed copper colored finish of the sun contrasts the silver tone of the moon and loop, adding a brilliant bit of style to your home. Sections of chain connect each adornment together creating a generous, 98" long piece, and these links can be opened and removed for custom sizing. The included gutter clip makes installation simple, and the sun accents spin in wind and rain for plenty of drama. Add a celestial hint to your home using this Sun and Moon Rain Chain.

Dimensions: 4.375" dia. x 98"H
Mounting: hang from gutter
Construction: steel