Ancient Graffiti Inc

Ancient Graffiti Umbrella and Bell Rain Chain, Flamed Copper

Celebrate rain in two fun ways using this Ancient Graffiti Umbrella and Bell Rain Chain. Hanging a rain chain from your gutter, rather than a downspout, brings style and personality to your home, and this unit will certainly lend whimsy and wonderful sound to your garden. Familiar, steel umbrella shapes create the lengthy body of this chain, bringing the rain theme to the forefront. A small bell inside a metal loop sits between each umbrella, and chain links connect each piece together for a cohesive unit. These bells ring gently as water moves down the chain, and the umbrella shapes direct the rain to the ground with ease. An included gutter clip makes it simple to install this item in place of a downspout, and the steel construction forms a lasting adornment. Place a rain barrel or other receptacle at the base of this chain to capture the rainwater, and use it to keep plants hydrated. The chain extends 93" in length, and some links are removable to shorten the unit if needed. Showcase rain in a different and exciting way by placing this Umbrella and Bell Rain Chain on your home.

Dimensions: 3.75" dia. x 93"H
Mounting: hang from gutter
Construction: steel