Anthony Stoneware

Anthony Stoneware Toad House, Butternut

The Anthony Stoneware Toad House is a whimsical garden sculpture that provides a secure shelter for the toads in your backyard and garden. Toads will be attracted to the dark, damp house. Experienced gardeners welcome toads into their garden plots to act effectively as a natural pest control. Toads, like ladybugs, praying mantis, and lacewings work against insect infestations. The American toad will consume 50 to 100 slugs, flies, grasshoppers, and cutworms every night and about 15,000 each season. During the daylight, toads need a warm, humid place to hide. This toad house is the perfect place to hide your "princes of the garden."

The textured vine-like surface decorations on the Toad House will collect moss that will help the house blend naturally into the surrounding environment. Each piece is handcrafted on the potter's wheel or constructed from clay slabs, then fired to 2400° F to create a very durable vitreous product that will not decay, fade, or break down in UV light. With care, this Toad House will surely become an integral part of your garden season after season. Made in the USA.

Note: Due to this product's handcrafted construction, items may vary slightly in terms of finish and size.

Dimensions: 5" dia. x 7.25"H
Mounting: place on flat surface
Construction: ceramic