4 Seasonal Trends

Artisanal Jack-O-Lantern with Witch Hat Luminary, Purple

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Bring dazzling, seasonal light to your garden path or patio while celebrating the Halloween season in spooky splendor with this 4 Seasonal Trends Purple Artisanal Jack-O-Lantern with Witch Hat Luminary. The bodacious, purple and green tones of this terra cotta unit provide a fun and ghoulish upgrade to your front porch or deck's ​décor, giving you a standout Halloween accessory. A black hat tilts to the left and sports a circular brim while sitting atop the pumpkin figurine, establishing the fun and witchy motif, while star shaped cut outs here lend additional charm. Triangular eyes and a nose rest above a familiar, angular and pointy smile, and the luminary's rotund shape with impressed lines mimics a traditional pumpkin. A rich, purple finish on the body accentuates the seasonal appeal of this whimsical piece, and vivid green tones outline the openings of the eyes, nose, mouth, and hat to create a vibrant, audacious contrast. Place a candle inside the alluring, spooky piece through the generous, rear arched opening, letting you cast bewitching shadows across your lawn or walkway. The stout, level base makes it simple to rest the piece on a table or your porch as it illuminates your yard. The unit's handmade, terra cotta construction lasts for several frightful seasons of service, and the purple and green paint tones will remain eye-catching and vibrant. Spotlight spooky colors and create spellbinding light and shadow on your property for Halloween with this Purple Artisanal Jack-O-Lantern with Witch Hat Luminary.

Dimensions: 7"L x 7.5"W x 8.5"H
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: terra cotta