4 Seasonal Trends

Artisanal Smiling Skull Jack-O-Lantern Luminary

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Add a spooky, seasonal sentinel to your porch using this 4 Seasonal Trends Artisanal Terra Cotta Smiling Skull Jack-O-Lantern Luminary. The familiar pumpkin shape, lasting orange tones, and convenient size make this figure a fantastic addition to your Halloween decorations, and its open design holds a candle or tea light for extra illumination. A significant, slightly sinister smile with squared teeth is the focal point of this jack-o-lantern, completed by large, rounded eyes and nostrils. Black paint defines and emphasizes these cutouts, contrasting the orange on the remainder of the gourd. Impressed vertical lines, an unglazed, yellow interior, and rounded shape perfectly mimic a pumpkin, and the level base makes the item simple to place at your doorstep or along your walkway. The generous, 4.5" diameter back opening allows you to put a flameless candle or other light source inside the unit, turning it into a luminary, and its familiar face offers a watchful look. A unique, handmade stem tops each gourd, highlighting the skill and artistry of its sculptor, while the fully painted exterior protects the material from the elements. Guard your patio this Halloween season using this Artisanal Terra Cotta Smiling Skull Jack-O-Lantern Luminary.

Dimensions: 8.5"L x 9"W x 8.25"H
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: terra cotta