Aspects HummBlossom Accessory Kit

Keep your existing Aspects HummBlossom feeder protected from insects and the elements with this Aspects HummBlossom Accessory Kit. This wonderful package provides all you need to create both an ant moat and a weather dome, ensuring the nectar in your feeder remains fresh. The 7.5" diameter, pink plastic dome sits perfectly above your existing Aspects HummBlossom feeder whether hung or pole mounted using its included hardware, preventing rain from diluting the nectar. Place the included, 3.5" diameter ant moat above this dome when hanging the feeder, or allow it to rest below the base of the feeder if placed in the ground. When filled with water, this moat creates a barrier, making ants hesitate to cross and discouraging them from corrupting the nectar. The included short and long metal rods feature magnetic connectors for simple installation of the accessories, making setup an easy task so you can quickly create a safe and secure feeding locale. An included wooden stake lends additional support if the feeder is placed in soil, and the lively pink tone of the dome and moat pair wonderfully with your feeder's cap. Ensure that the nectar in your existing HummBlossom feeder remains fresh and unsullied with the fantastic HummBlossom Accessory Kit. Made in the USA. Lifetime guarantee.

Note: This description refers only to the Aspects HummBlossom Accessory Kit. The feeder shown is not included and must be purchased separately.

Kit Contents: 1 weather dome, 1 ant moat, mounting rod, hanging rod, mounting stake, and magnetic connectors
Dimensions: 7.5" dia. x 1"H dome, 3.5" dia. x 1.5"H moat
Mounting: place above or below existing Aspects HummBlossom feeder (not included)
Construction: plastic, metal, wood