Aspects Thistle Tube Wild Bird Feeder, Medium, Antique Brass

Offer caloric and nutritious snacks to finches and other birds in your backyard sanctuary with the Aspects Medium Antique Brass Thistle Tube Wild Bird Feeder. This durable and sleek feeder provides a generous eight ports for your feathered friends, each with a handy perch to help them comfortably dine. The clear, UV stabilized polycarbonate tube gives you a hardy unit capable of holding 1 quart of nyjer seed in your bird garden for many seasons, while also ensuring the seed level remains visible at all times as your observe bird antics. An internal seed baffle at the base of the item serves to redirect seed to the unit's two bottom ports, and the Quick-Clean base sports two additional perches for feasting finches. The innovative base removes in seconds when the two black plastic tabs are squeezed, allowing the feeder to be quickly emptied and comprehensively cleaned when maintenance is required. The staunch metal cap slides up the feeder's hanger for simple and convenient cleaning and refills, while the antique brass complexion instills the unit with a vintage feel. Reliable, durable construction means this intuitive feeder will provide a stalwart, faithful feeding haven in your birding sanctuary for long term use. Hang the feeder by its included metal loop hanger or pole mount it using a 3/4" threaded adapter (not included) for variable showcase. Ensure that finches and other feathered friends remain well fed in your backyard locale with the Medium Antique Brass Thistle Tube Wild Bird Feeder. Made in the USA. Lifetime guarantee.

Birds that use this feeder:
  • chickadees, finches, goldfinches, redpolls, and siskins
Seed or Feed Options: thistle seed
Capacity: 1 qt., 1.5 lbs.; 8 ports
Dimensions: 3.375" dia. x 14.75"H
Mounting: may be hung or pole mounted
Construction: metal, plastic
Mfg. Warranty: lifetime guarantee