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Athens Ribbon Pedestal, Pre Aged, 9.5"H

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Gracefully elevate your yard's natural beauty with the vintage craftsmanship of the Athens Pre Aged Ribbon Pedestal. A sturdy base and ribboned detailing lend complexity and texture to the sculptural support. With a weathered, faded white coloration, this piece blends in nicely with your natural surroundings, infusing your bird garden with artisanal style and class. Utilize this traditional, antique styled item to support and showcase a small piece of art, potted plant, horizontal sundial, or other fine adornment. Its concrete construction makes for a durable and sturdy piece that will provide a great foundation against the elements for whatever you wish to showcase, and this pedestal's 3.5" deep opening measures 4.5" in diameter at the top while featuring a drainage hole at its base for excess water. This makes it perfect for cradling stemless gazing balls from 6" to 10" in diameter. Simply place this illustrious stand on a flat, level surface in your yard to help accentuate a favored item and bring an exquisite offering of vintage beauty to your surroundings. Enjoy this item as an outdoor embellishment in the spring, summer, and fall, before bringing it indoors during winter to prevent weather damage. Provide a timeless display of classical craftsmanship to your yard or add height to your favorite outdoor accent using this Pre Aged Ribbon Pedestal. Made in the USA.

Note: Each piece is hand cast with an artisan finish and each unit may vary slightly in terms of color and texture. Due to the inherent nature of stonecasting, small scuff marks, scratches, and chips are to be expected and add to each item's unique character. Do not allow water to stand in this pedestal during freezing temperatures. Allowing ice to form will cause cracking or damage to the unit.

Dimensions: 10" dia. x 9.5"H
Mounting: place on flat, level surface
Construction: concrete