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Athens Toad House Statue, Buff

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Help toads find shelter during the summer by placing this adorable Athens Buff Toad House Statue in your yard. These often overlooked animals provide natural pest control in your garden, eating slugs, flies, and other plant-damaging insects in the evenings. They prefer to rest during the day in shaded, damp areas, and this highly detailed unit helps create just the right environment for them. A sign reading "A. Toad Esq." in all caps sits above the arched opening, clearly inviting these amphibians to enter the piece. A stack of rock shapes on the side forms a faux chimney, and more arch around the opening for a whimsical effect. A three dimensional mailbox shape, a back door and porch, windows with shutters, and a wood pile bring whimsy and a bit of realism to this piece, sure to capture the attention of all visitors to your yard. Brown accents on the depressed lines help define the bevy of features, while a beige overall hue celebrates nature. The concrete body creates a robust unit, its level base making it simple to place in your yard. Move the shelter indoors in winter when toads and pests are not active, to protect it from freezing weather. Support natural pest control and different wildlife in your landscaping with this Buff Toad House Statue. Made in the USA.

Note: Each item is hand cast with an artisan finish and each item may vary slightly in terms of color and texture. Due to the inherent nature of stonecasting, small scuff marks, scratches, and chips are to be expected and add to each item's unique character.

Dimensions: 8.5"L x 9"W x 7.25"H
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: concrete