Atlantic Water Garden

Atlantic Water Garden Filterfalls, 35.5" Spillway, CLEARANCE

Beautify your water garden with a stunning waterfall. Running water can enhance a water feature like no other accent can. The Atlantic Water Garden Filterfalls instantly creates a 35.5" wide waterfall. In addition to aerating your pond or water garden with running water, this waterfall filter may also act as a biological filter. By simply adding some type of biological media such as lava rock, ceramic rock, or plastic media to the included media bag; you may use the Filterfalls as a biological filter. Place the filled media bag over your polishing filter mat to effectively maximize this filter's potential. This versatile filtration unit offers the potential for amazing custom installations that you may adapt to use for your application. Use the Atlantic Water Garden Filterfalls to create a beneficial, interesting accent to your water garden. Bulkhead fittings and PTFE plumber's tape are included for ease of installation. This filter is best suited for water flows up to 8,000 gallons per hour.

Note: For optimal performance, add biological filter media to this unit's media bag.

Dimensions: 31.5"L x 40"W x 18"H
Spillway: 35.5"W
Inlet: 3"
Fluid Capacity: 45 gallons
Max Pump Flow: 8,000 gph
Construction: resin