Audubon Wood Duck House

Enjoy waterfowl roosting near your pond using the Audubon Wood Duck House. The straight lines and significant size of this shelter are perfect for wood ducks, which rely on preexisting cavities for nesting, as they are unable to excavate their own. A 3.75" x 3" oval entry hole rests near the top of the home, protected by the overhang of the slanted roof. A gap between the roof overhang and the front panel ventilates the house, keeping nestlings from overheating. Water can also exit the nest by the narrow gap on the base for a dry roost. The front panel opens for nest checks, while a latch at its base keeps the door securely closed. Additional wooden bars on the interior of the home create a ladder, helping nestlings exit, and two included bags of wood shavings keep eggs from rolling around. The cedar roost resists rot, and its natural color enhances your pond. Mount this home to a post or tree, ensuring it is near the water, for optimal placement for wood ducks. Invite colorful ducks to roost near your pond with this Wood Duck House. Made in the USA.

Note: The brand on the item may appear either as Audubon or Woodlink.

Opening: 3.75"L x 3"W
Dimensions: 14.5"L x 10.75"W x 23"H
Mounting: tree, pole, or post mount
Construction: cedar