CareFree Enzymes

CareFree Bird Bath & Statuary Cleaner, 16 oz.

Ensure your bird bath is clean and safe for your feathered friends using this CareFree Bird Bath and Statuary Cleaner. This liquid, derived from plant enzymes and trace minerals, may safely be used on concrete, glass, stone, marble, ceramic, plastic, vinyl, and metal baths, for a versatile cleaner. The convenient spray bottle allows you to apply the cleaner directly from the container onto your existing bath, and wipes clean with a damp rag after standing for a few minutes. This handily rids the bath of stains, residue, and musty odors, and may be used on a wealth of different materials. The enzymatic composition is safe for use around wildlife, and can even be used on outdoor statues for versatility. Keep your bird bath and garden accents beautiful and tidy all season with this Bird Bath and Statuary Cleaner. Made in the USA.

Bottle Size: 16 oz.