Cohasset Gifts & Garden

Cohasset Molten Glass Lotus Vessel & Natural Wood Base, ~7"H

Place beautiful, floral inspired sculpture on your coffee table or bookshelf with this Cohasset Molten Glass Lotus Vessel and Natural Wood Base. A flared top and scalloped rim on the blown glass vessel wonderfully evoke a lotus in bloom, while adding a lasting symbol of perfection and beauty to the setting. The wavy rim at the top of the captivating, blown glass vessel brings elegance and style to your garden, while the rounded base creates a wonderful vase or bowl. A slight aqua undertone on the edges and curves of this recycled glass unit add even more dimension and style, while the reclaimed wood base furthers the natural look. The molten glass is carefully hand blown and cooled directly on each piece of wood, molding it to that particular foundation for a custom and lasting fit between the units. Rest this item on a coffee table or bookshelf for fantastic texture and shape in your home, allowing its environmentally-friendly construction to highlight your love of the natural world. Showcase a floral motif in your living or dining room using this Molten Glass Lotus Vessel and Natural Wood Base.

Note: These items are hand crafted from native Balinese woods and recycled glass. The vessels are hand blown to fit the stunning foundation. As such, each item will vary in terms of exact shape and size.

Dimensions: ~8"L x 6"W x 7"H
Mounting: rest on level surface
Construction: wood, glass