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Cohasset Molten Glass Square Vessel & Natural Wood Base, SM

Feature an heirloom-quality item as the centerpiece of your tablescape with this Cohasset Small Molten Glass Square Vessel & Natural Wood Base. The bold, squared shape and arresting design of this unique vessel will capture attention as either a simple container or a freestanding home decoration. Reclaimed wood supports the artisan-designed glass bowl, which is carefully hand blown and molded onto the wood base. As the molten glass cools around the wood, it forms a custom fit between the two, ensuring each bond is unique. This technique lends distinctive style to each vessel while attesting to the skill of the artist. Blue-green undertones throughout its edges and crevices not only add striking contrast to the glass but also further showcase the natural elements and textural depth of the wood. This premium, environmentally-friendly set sits beautifully and evenly on any shelf, tabletop, or counter. Utilize a piece of capturing, functional art for you and your family to enjoy for years to come with this Small Molten Glass Square Vessel & Natural Wood Base.

Note: These items are hand crafted from native Balinese woods and recycled glass. The bowls are hand blown to fit the stunning foundation. As such, each item will vary in terms of exact shape and size.

Dimensions: ~12.5"L x 8"W x 7.25"H
Mounting: rest on level surface
Construction: wood, glass