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Cosmix Dragonfly Garden Swirl, Stainless Steel

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Blend aquatic elements with your favorite flowers by placing this Stainless Steel Cosmix Dragonfly Garden Swirl in your flowerbed. Dragonflies are often symbols of transformation and adaptability, and this piece will surely bring a new element to your garden ​décor. Four stainless steel bands create the open framework, each connecting at the top and base for a robust display. Each arm spirals toward the base for a wave-like effect, and a droplet shaped glass pendant completes the item. A stained-glass inspired, dragonfly shaped suncatcher occupies the center of the swirl, with green, teal, and blue hues inside its frame bringing fantastic, aquatic color to your yard. The reflective finish on the stainless steel bands adds shine and dimension to your yard, and a top, swiveling hanger ensures it can move freely in the wind. Transform your flowerbed into a showcase of moving art by adding this Stainless Steel Cosmix Dragonfly Garden Swirl to it.

Dimensions: 10.5" dia. x 16"H
Mounting: hang
Construction: stainless steel, glass