Coveside Conservation

Coveside Slate Hole Protector, 1.125" dia. hole

Provide protection from larger predators and shield your existing bird houses with the wonderful Coveside Slate Hole Protector. Attaching a hole protector at the entryway of your existing bird box can deter invasive behavior from animals, ensuring that your feathered friends remain safe. This rustic guard is sustainably sourced from authentic northeastern roofing to lend you a unique and natural birding accessory. This robust, square unit features a 1.125" diameter opening, ideal for deterring pests and threats, and the dark gray tone of the guard pairs beautifully with existing bird accessories. Predrilled holes in each corner of this square, along with four included screws, make it easy to affix this piece to the entryway of your bird shelter, and its hardy construction will remain reliable throughout repeated use. Bring unique, upcycled charm to your bird garden while protecting feathered friends with this Slate Hole Protector. Made in the USA.

Note: As slate is a natural material, some variations in thickness and color throughout the item may occur.

Dimensions: 2.875"L x 2.875"W, 1.125" dia. opening
Mounting: screw onto bird house opening
Construction: slate