Coveside Conservation

Coveside Slate Hole Protector, 2.25" dia. hole

Stop owls and hawks from enlarging the entry on your existing bird house by placing this Coveside Slate Hole Protector for 2.25" diameter hole around it.

  • Durable, 4.125" square of slate is sourced from buildings located throughout Maine, bringing a bit of story and style to your existing bird house.
  • A 2.25" diameter, center opening aligns with entries on select woodpecker and squirrel houses.
  • Adding this to your shelter deepens the entry, discouraging other animals from reaching in to the nesting chamber, and stops other birds from pecking around it and enlarging the opening.
  • Gray hue and textured finish of the slate bolsters its natural appeal.
  • Plate affixes to a bird house using the 4 included screws through predrilled corner holes.
  • Made in the USA.

Note: This description refers only to the Coveside Slate Hole Protector for 2.25" diameter hole. The house shown is not included. As slate is a natural material, some variations in thickness and color throughout the item may occur.

Dimensions: 4.125"L x 4.125"W, 2.25" dia. opening
Mounting: screw onto house opening
Construction: slate