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Coveside Slate Hole Protector, 3" dia. hole

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Keep predators and threats to your backyard owl boxes at bay using this Coveside Slate Hole Protector. Placing a guard at the entryway to your screech owl abode creates a hardy, dependable deterrent against invasive behavior, while instilling your landscaping with natural appeal. The guard is sourced from upcycled, eastern slate roofing to lend an interesting and quaint flair to your birding setup, and the staunch unit features has a sizable 3" diameter hole to fend off larger predators. The gray tone of the slate blends easily with your existing bird houses, and predrilled holes in each corner of this unit make it simple to install the guard with four included screws to affix this lasting and durable item. Introduce repurposed, unique charm to your backyard owl houses while discouraging hole enlargment using this Slate Hole Protector. Made in the USA.

Note: As slate is a natural material, some variations in thickness and color throughout the item may occur.

Dimensions: 4.5"L x 4.25"W, 3" dia. opening
Mounting: screw onto bird house opening
Construction: slate