Erva Tool & Die

Erva Domed Top Pole Mounted Squirrel Baffle, Black, 6" dia.

Protect your pole mounted bird feeder from marauding squirrels by adding this Erva Black Domed Top Pole Mounted Squirrel Baffle to it. Using a baffle on an existing pole creates a lasting, physical barrier, and the patented features on this unit form a great deflector. Its domed top with 2" diameter opening slides onto a variety of straight poles, and the shape keeps squirrels from grabbing an edge. A unique, scalloped base also stops them from getting a foothold, and the galvanized steel construction prevents them from chewing on it. An included collar slides onto poles with a 0.5" to 1.75" outer diameter, and the deflector rests on this ring, tilting if a large animal puts its weight on one side. The black, powder coated finish and galvanized steel body create a durable baffle, remaining hardy and lovely for use again and again. Protect a pole mounted bird house or feeder from climbing squirrels with this Black Domed Top Pole Mounted Squirrel Baffle. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 6.25" dia. x 17"H
Mounting: place on pole
Construction: steel