Erva Tool & Die

Erva Ground Socket for 1" Outer Diameter Pole

Strongly secure your existing, tubular pole into soil using this Erva Ground Socket for 1" Outer Diameter Pole. Adding this steel anchor to your yard both provides stability to an existing pole, and also allows you to display its full height. A generous, 20" long shaft inserts deeply into soil, and a steel spiral around the bottom section creates an auger for even more support. A 3" diameter disc near the top of the unit sits flush with the ground, and a 5" tall socket extends above this dividing element to hold your existing pole. Dual, 0.5" diameter openings on this collar can accommodate a screwdriver or small rod, to assist you in twisting the base into the lawn. A generous, heavy duty set screw rests at the top of this section, further securing your pole, and the black, powder coated finish blends with most birding accents. Let this Ground Socket for 1" Outer Diameter Pole keep your existing pole upright and stable in your soil for several seasons. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 3" dia. x 25.75"H
Mounting: insert into soil
Construction: steel