Esschert Design

Esschert Design Basic Butterfly House

Welcome butterflies to your landscaping by placing the Esschert Design Basic Butterfly House within your flowers. This all wooden structure not only brings a traditional look to your yard; it also offers butterflies protection during storms. The rectangular shape and pitched roof create a classic silhouette, and a line drawing of a butterfly with its Latin name sits near the top of the piece for interest. Four vertical, oval openings beneath this artwork mimic crevices found in tree bark, creating natural entries for butterflies. The pitched roof keeps rain out of the shelter, and one side of the unit hinges open, for adding leaves or twigs to the chamber. A metal latch keeps this side panel securely closed, and the keyhole opening on the back enables the item to be placed on a post, tree, or wall easily. The wooden construction remains usable and lovely for many seasons. Turn your backyard into a safe haven for butterflies by placing this Basic Butterfly House in it.

Dimensions: 4.75"L x 6.5"W x 9"H
Mounting: attach to flat, vertical surface
Construction: wood, metal