Esschert Design

Esschert Design Cast Iron Cat Door Stop

Showcase a friendly feline and prop a door open using this Esschert Design Cast Iron Cat Door Stop. Striking detail and an inquisitive expression on this cat figure create a remarkable accent, while its unique shape and robust construction form a functional door stop. The cat's hindquarters and tail rest on a level surface, forming a stable base for this unit, while its upright body lends height to the piece. The two front legs extend outward, perfectly holding a door, and the cat's turned head seems to be watching the surroundings. The all black finish brings familiar tones to the unit, and the cast iron body is perfect for use inside or outdoors. Add a pet-inspired hint to your door and help it remain open with this Cast Iron Cat Door Stop.

Dimensions: 3.5"W x 4"D x 8.375"H
Mounting: place on level surface near door
Construction: cast iron