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Esschert Design DIY Terrarium Set, Large, Green

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Showcase your favorite plants or small accents on a table or bookshelf with this Esschert Design Large Green DIY Terrarium Set. Terrarium gardening accommodates a variety of plants with different growing conditions, making it great for new gardeners or those wanting to add unique plantings to their home. This set provides a myriad of different tools and media, helping you establish a healthy and cozy bed for a few plants. A familiar, jug shaped glass vessel holds your succulents or herbs, and a 3.75" tall and 3.5" wide, front opening on it makes adjusting or tending to the plants simple. An included, plastic cup makes it easy to place the included stones, carbon, and soil into the vessel, as its unique shape acts as a funnel. Arrange the media easily with help from the included, telescoping rake and shovel, and then place your herbs, plants, and other accents in this bed for a custom look. The soft, green hue of the glass planter enhances your foliage, and its top cork completes the classic terrarium effect. Place the level base of this unit on a table or large desk, situating it near sun for optimal growth. Enhance the green tones in your home and increase your confidence in your horticultural skills with this Large Green DIY Terrarium Set.

Kit Contents: 1 bottle, 1 shovel, 1 rake, 1 cork, 1 cup, 1.1 lbs. drainage stones, activated carbon, 0.13 gallons soil
Dimensions: 6.25" dia. x 11.25"H bottle
Mounting: place vessel on level surface
Construction: glass bottle, cork stopper, metal tools, plastic cup