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Esschert Design Metal Hole Protector, 1" dia. hole

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Keep the entry hole on your existing wren house small with this Esschert Design Metal Hole Protector. This sturdy, square steel plate easily affixes to a wooden bird house, and its center, 1" diameter opening provides passage only to small songbirds. The galvanized steel handily prevents other birds from enlarging the entry, and a predrilled hole in each corner of the plate makes installation simple. Keep your chickadee or wren house protected from woodpeckers or squirrels with this Metal Hole Protector.

Note: This description refers only to the Esschert Design Metal Hole Protector. The bird house and screws shown are not included.

Dimensions: 2.75"L x 2.75"W, 1" dia. opening
Mounting: screw onto existing bird house
Construction: steel