Esschert Design

Esschert Design Round Kenzan for Flower Arranging, Large

Turn a small to medium vase into a unique planter using this Esschert Design Large Round Kenzan for Flower Arranging. This convenient device, sometimes called a floral frog, is often used to create ikebana displays, the Japanese art of floral arranging. This hefty, 2.375" diameter, metal and lead disc sits on the base of your container easily, and a rubber gasket surrounds it to prevent scratching. A bevy of upright pins fills the top of the unit, and holds flower stems easily for a fantastic showcase. The unit is easy to rest in 3.5" diameter or larger vases or other vessels, making a favorite bowl or cup into a striking planter with ease. Its robust construction remains durable, designed for use again and again. Showcase a few blooms in a different way using this Large Round Kenzan for Flower Arranging.

Dimensions: 2.375" dia. x 0.875"H
Mounting: place in planter
Construction: metal, lead, rubber