Esschert Design

Esschert Design Stainless Steel Gazing Ball, 10" dia.

Bring a timeless element to your landscaping with help from this Esschert Design Stainless Steel Gazing Ball. Gazing globes have a long and intricate history, from being used to scare away witches to inviting prosperity and good luck to the household, and this classic unit is sure to capture attention. Its fully reflective body keeps your entire garden, including a bit of the sky, in view, while the stainless steel construction lasts for many seasons. Rest the item within your soil, or place it on a pedestal for extra height. For even more fun, float this sphere in your water garden. Its stainless steel body remains durable for many seasons, and its 10" diameter size remains easily visible. Add an enchanting look to your flowerbed or pond with this Stainless Steel Gazing Ball.

Dimensions: 10" dia.
Mounting: place on pedestal, rest on ground, or float in water
Construction: stainless steel