Esschert Design

Esschert Design Stainless Steel Gazing Ball, 4" dia.

Create a focal point in your pond or nestled in your landscaping with this Esschert Design Stainless Steel Gazing Ball. Placing this charming, reflective orb in your yard brings its lengthy history to the forefront, while allowing you to see all elements of your landscaping. This compact, 4" diameter unit looks great in a small flowerbed or within a pond, and its vivid, all stainless steel construction provides durability. This finish is also fully reflective, keeping your garden and part of the sky in view. The light weight also allows the item to float in a pond or large bird bath, and the silver tone offers a sleek effect. Bring a historic accent to your yard using this Stainless Steel Gazing Ball.

Dimensions: 4" dia.
Mounting: place on pedestal, rest on ground, or float in water
Construction: stainless steel