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Esschert Design Wasp Trap with Cast Iron Holder

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Stop wasps from ruining your outdoor gathering with this Esschert Design Wasp Trap with Cast Iron Holder. This classic, artistic trap easily eradicates wasps and other flying pests from your area, relying on the natural tendencies of wasps to capture them. A durable, textured glass vessel sits inside the striking, cast iron stand, and an opening on the base of the unit allows flying insects to enter it. Four legs on this stand elevate the bottle from your table, and a moat at the base of the trap accommodates juice, soda, or another sweet liquid. This easily attracts wasps to the area, without using any pesticides for a natural method of control. Once they enter the bottle, the insects will fly upward to escape, and be stopped by the narrow neck and top cork. Remove this cork to clean the trap or refill it with attractant, for use season after season. Prevent flying insects from overtaking your outdoor gatherings with this Wasp Trap with Cast Iron Holder.

Dimensions: 4.25" dia. x 6"H
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: glass, cast iron, cork