Esschert Design

Esschert Staked Metal Mechanical Bird w/Top Hat Rocker, 54"H

Blend natural and manmade shapes in your garden easily with this Esschert Staked Metal Mechanical Bird with Top Hat Rocker. A bright red body, gray wings, and gold colored accents bring a vivid hint to your landscaping, while the topper's rocking motion captures attention easily. Joined metal panels form the body, head, and extended beak of the bird, while overlapping gear and flat brackets create the wings. Gold colored paint on the dual gears and bill contrast the gray of the wings, and more silver colored gear shapes adorn the bird's tail. A black top hat with a silver cog as a brim enhances the steampunk motif, and a curved arm with generous counterweight completes this topper. The forked base on this arm balances in the "V" shaped channel of the included stake, fostering the striking rocking motion for dimension and style. A 5" long, step-in base helps keep this unit stable when placed in your garden soil, and the brown finish on this section meshes with your yard. Made from lasting metal with steel elements, this sculpture is sure to add whimsy and color to your yard for many seasons. Bring a bright bit of style and moving artwork to your landscaping with this Staked Metal Mechanical Bird with Top Hat Rocker. Some assembly required.

Dimensions: 11.5"L x 5"W x 54.5"H overall
Mounting: stake into soil
Construction: steel, metal