FOOP Mist Organic Foliar Spray, Ready-to-Use, 32 oz.

Give your blossoming herbs and plants the critical nutrients they need to thrive and flourish with this bottle of FOOP Ready-to-Use Mist Organic Foliar Spray.

  • Spray formula has been reviewed and certified for organic gardening by the Organic Materials Research Institute.
  • Blend of fish excrement, kelp, and other key ingredients provides a fantastic growth aid for the garden.
  • Formula delivers nitrogen, calcium, and other crucial micronutrients to your plant life.
  • This formula supports sick plant specimens while also helping healthy plant life flourish.
  • Easy spray nozzle allows you to deliver nutrients through the root system to strengthen vascular system while promoting optimal health.
  • Made in the USA.
Guaranteed Analysis: Total Nitrogen: 0.096% (0.072% Water Soluble Nitrogen, 0.024% Water Insoluble Nitrogen)
Available Phosphate: 0.022%
Soluble Potash: 0.046% (Derived from fish excrement, fish protein hydrolysate, kelp, volcanic ash, sodium nitrate, phosphoric acid as stabilizer)
Active Ingredients: Humic acids derived from Leonardite: 0.007%
Inert Ingredients (as nonplant food): 99.993%
Bottle Size: 32 fl. oz.
Method of Application: spray directly from bottle onto plants