Gardeneer Pop-Net Protective Mesh Netting, 39"H

Prevent birds and small animals from overtaking your garden by covering it with this Gardeneer Pop-Net Protective Mesh Netting. This lengthy, formed net is simple to place directly atop your raised bed or small plot, and its 39" height accommodates taller flowers or vegetable plants easily. A flexible wire frame makes this unit easy to open, and the included, 6" long stakes slide through a loop in each corner to anchor the screen. Its 0.125" mesh keeps birds, large insects, and rodents from reaching the crops, while enabling light, air, and water to pass through it. The green hue blends perfectly with the outdoors, and an extra, 8.25" wide fabric band at the base offers more heft. The net compresses and folds into itself for flat, seasonal storage, and the tall shape is perfect for growing crops. Keep unwanted animals out of your garden with this Pop-Net Protective Mesh Netting. Ninety day limited warranty.

Dimensions: 40"L x 40"W x 39"H
Mounting: place over plants, anchor in soil
Construction: terylene, metal
Mfg. Warranty: 90 day limited warranty