Gardeneer Solar Motion Detecting Scarecrow Owl, 18"

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Naturally keep small animals like squirrels, mice, and shrews out of your garden or flowerbed by placing this Gardeneer Solar Motion Detecting Scarecrow Owl in it. This generous, plastic decoy moves when it senses motion, bringing lifelike elements to it to thoroughly deter unwanted animals. Its 18" height perfectly mimics a great horned owl, enhanced by the hand painted face, chest, and talons. A solar panel rests on the back of the bird's head, with a press-in, on/off button for you to power it only when desired. A sensitive motion detector inside the figure's head can detect movement from up to 23 feet away, activating the head to rotate almost fully around for striking realism. This solar panel is simple to charge by placing the scarecrow in direct sunlight, and a hole in the base handily accommodates a 1.625" outer diameter pole. Reposition this item in your yard every few days to retain effectiveness, preventing animals from acclimating to it. Molded from 80% recycled materials, the plastic figure is as durable as it is environmentally sound, and the base plug can be removed to add gravel or sand to it for resting on the ground. Use a natural predator to scare birds and rabbits away from your garden with this Solar Motion Detecting Scarecrow Owl.

Dimensions: 7.5"W x 8"D x 18"H
Mounting: pole mount or place on flat surface
Construction: plastic