Gardman Wild Bird Feeding Station Kit, Black, 7'5"

Create a birding haven in minutes with the Gardman Wild Bird Feeding Station Kit. This package includes hooks and hangers for all your bird feeding needs. The top of the kit has two 10" shepherd hooks, which hold items up to 20" in diameter. Use these hooks to hang two feeders, or hang a flower basket on one hook and a feeder on the other for a more natural look. This flower/feeder combination will entice different types of birds to visit your yard. A 5" feeder hook connects onto the main shaft to hold a smaller item, such as a suet feeder. An included 7" long by 7" wide micro mesh feeder tray also attaches to the pole and holds half a quart of mixed seed, fruit, or mealworms for even more feeding variety. Offer your birds fresh water along with this buffet of seed and feed in the included 5.75" diameter plastic bird bath. The bath attaches to the station with a metal support ring. The 1.25" depth of this bath offers the perfect amount of water for smaller songbirds to bathe or drink. The steel construction of the unit will withstand exposure to the elements, and the black color blends with any environment. A fleur de lis finial tops the pole for a decorative accent. Use the pointed end of the pole to anchor the unit at least 12" into the ground. Feed a myriad of birds in your yard from the Wild Bird Feeding Station Kit. Assembly required.

Capacity: 7 lbs. each top hook, 11 lbs. for smaller hook
Dimensions: 7'5"H, 10" clearance from shaft to hook each, 1" O.D. pole
Mounting: stake in ground
Construction: steel