Heath Manufacturing

Heath Bird Seed Storage Container, Purple

Keep your bird seed dry and within easy reach using this Heath Purple Bird Seed Storage Container. The hardy, steel body, bold purple tone, and latching lid make this bucket a perfect accessory to your birding repertoire. The 12" tall unit easily holds 15 pounds of mixed or other seed, and an extra long, metal handle makes it easy to transport. A clear coating throughout the deep purple unit adds a reflective finish, and two raised lines near the top of the vessel enhance the classic bucket shape. Two raised ridges on the flat lid help it latch onto the container, preventing animals from toppling the unit and pilfering your seed. The steel body ensures durability, while the traditional shape holds plenty of seed. Keep your bird feed protected from rain and other animals by placing it in this Purple Bird Seed Storage Container.

Capacity: 10 qts., 15 lbs.
Dimensions: 11" dia. x 12.5"H
Construction: steel