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Home Bazaar Lover's Lane Bird House, Gray

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Invite a bevy of songbirds to the backyard bird garden with this timeless and elegant Home Bazaar Gray Lover's Lane Bird House. Fetching details decorate this quaint, classically designed shelter to lend a rustic and alluring embellishment to your outdoor space, while the wooden construction offers birds a natural shelter. An elegant gray tone provides a striking look to the reliable dwelling, with clean white trim offering light, vivid contrast as the domicile beautifies your yard. The neat, white columns, railings, and details lend a clean addition of decorative flair, while the pitched roof contains natural wood shingles and guards the home from rainfall. A 1.25" diameter entrance on one side of the shelter allows easy access to songbirds in need of a home, while a luxurious, light green door shape wonderfully accents the home along with pink, fabric flowers situated on one corner of the porch. Delicate and intricately shaped, floral cutouts on the side walls and just below the roof boost the house's overall charm, providing you with a standout embellishment for the garden. Gaps just below the roof facilitate proper air flow, and the unpainted interior lends a clean and safe space for nestlings. A hole at the home's base lets water drain, and a back panel may be removed for simple cleanings and nest checks. Easily hang the attached wire from a hook or branch to display this eye-catching home in your yard, letting you attract a variety of feathered friends to populate the area. Establish a timeless focal point in your backyard bird haven with the Gray Lover's Lane Bird House.

Note: Climate and the elements will weather this home and change its appearance over time; however, weathering will add to the item's natural charm without compromising its function. Should you want to preserve the finish (paint) of this house, you should cover it with several layers of a polyurethane product that is recommended for marine use (UV Rated) that will not turn the white paint yellow. You should expect that once left outside, the home will weather and require refinishing. 

Opening: 1.25" dia.
Dimensions: 6"W x 5.5"D x 8"H
Mounting: hang
Construction: wood