Home Bazaar

Home Bazaar Standard Bird Cottage, Sunflower Print


Transform your backyard bird garden into an elegant and floral locale for feathered friends with this charming Home Bazaar Sunflower Print Standard Bird Cottage. The pristine, delightful shelter sports a light blue color for lovely and delicate allure, while sunflowers along the front and side panels provide contrast and a splash of additional color. A charming bird rendering hovers above the sunflowers on the front of the home to create an entertaining portrait, while the 1.375" diameter entrance and pitched, wood shingled roof are bordered with vivid yellow to create an alluring embellishment in your bird garden. A metal keyhole bracket on the home's rear lets you easily mount the domicile against a post or wall, or employ a mounting bracket (not included) to showcase the home atop a pole or post for a different look. The 4.75" x 4.5", rectangular base of this colorful, floral abode features a pair of holes to encourage drainage of accumulated moisture, and gaps beneath the roof overhang help with ventilation to ensure a fresh roost for feathered inhabitants. A 4.25" x 3.75" rear panel may be unscrewed to gain easy access to the nesting chamber when nest checks and cleanings are needed, and a mesh ladder inside the shelter rests just below the entrance, offering fledglings an easy grip as they try to exit the dwelling. Staunch wooden construction lends durable and lasting quality to the piece, letting nearby birds enjoy this rustic and alluring nesting site as it graces your luxurious bird garden. Spotlight glorious sunflowers and beautiful, vibrant tones in your backyard space while harboring feathered friends with the Sunflower Print Standard Bird Cottage.

Note: Climate and the elements will weather this house and change its appearance over time; however, weathering will add to the home's natural charm without compromising its function. Should you wish to preserve the finish (paint) on this home, you should select a polyurethane product that is recommended for marine use (UV rated) that will not turn the white paint yellow. You should expect that once left outdoors, the product will weather and require refinishing. 

Opening: 1.375" dia.
Dimensions: 6.5"W x 5.5"D x 9.25"H
Mounting: pole, post, or wall mount
Construction: wood